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I went to the country club with my mom today. We sat out at the pool, and about 15 minutes after we got there, my aunt, 2 cousins, and one of their friends got there. (For the record, Sean is 13 and Dylan is 11). I nearly died when I saw Nathan, their friend. The guy was beyond hot. My aunt, Susan, was like "Oh, Ashley, Nathan's a freshman too!". I just baked in the sun for awhile, then I went to the snack bar to get something to drink.

When I got down there, the guys were waiting for their lunches. I got my drink and then stopped by their seat on my way out. I was like, "What, I'm not cool enough to talk to anymore?". Sean just said hi (he's pretty shy) and Dylan said hi and asked how I was doing. We started talking a little bit, and I glanced over at Nathan and he was just smiling at me.

Later on, when the guys and my aunt were in the pool and my mom and I were laying on the lounge chairs, I heard Nathan say "So... is Ashley a junior?" and my aunt kind of laughed and said, "No, she's the same age as you. Freshman.". He was like "Where does she go?" and my aunt told him that I go to the Youth Performing Arts School. He went "Oh... well, that's really cool!" (He and my cousins and my aunt live in Oldham County, which is just about 15 minutes from my house, but a totally different school system.). Then she started telling him about my math class that I had been complaining about to her (Advanced Math 1... it's MST Integrated 2, and our book is called Algebra for College Students). He started laughing and was like "Wow... I'm in Pre Algebra". Good lord the boy is sooo cute, and funny, and ahhh.....

We also discussed french toast. He was making fun of me because I don't know how to make it. Apparently, he and Sean had made it for breakfast this morning. Sorry, I can only make slice and bake cookies.

I kept like sneaking glances at him playing in the pool with my cousins... I didn't even talk to him that much, I just got like an instant crush on him.... I'll probably never see him again anyway. That doesn't mean I can't have a secret crush on him, though, right?
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