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Alright, this is going to be a long one. Bear with me here.

On Friday night, Rachel and I were talking online about how we're sick of being seen as these nice, cute, dependable, sweet little girls. We wanted to do something that no one would expect us to do and not care about what happened. We just wanted to have fun, you know?

Last night, she came over here. My parents went to Owensboro for the night to see some concert, and Adam was at the improv show, so it was just us for 3-4 hours. We had a few drinks, and Rachel got kind of crazy. Apparently, she had never had ANY alchohol before. She made me hyper too, even though I wasn't that drunk. Then she got the idea to call people.

We ran up to my room, and she calls Sam. She starts laughing and saying how we're all drunk, and he's just like "Yeah, this is embarrassing for me. I'm gonna go now". We called Eleanor, and she started cracking up and saying that we were cool cats and that she loved us.

A while later, Sam calls back. He starts yelling at Rachel because he thinks that she's me, saying that we're stupid and he can't believe that we did that. Then Rachel tells him that it's her, and he gets all sweet, asking her if she's alright and how she feels and everything.

At around 11:30, Maina calls (she had been with Sam at the show when we called him). She starts crying and asking why we did it and everything. So on a whim, to make her feel better, I told her that we were kidding, that we were bored and thought it would be fun to call people. What would you have done with a hysterical friend on the phone?

So then today I talk to Maina about it and we make up and everything, and she tells me all about the show last night with Sam. Then I get online about an hour ago and Rachel IMs me. She forwards me this e-mail from Sam to her, and he basically said that we were idiots, that he was disappointed in her (but EXPECTED it from me), that we're stupid little girls, to tell me to lose his number, nd all of that crap. Then she tells me that Maina told her parents what had happened. EXCUSE ME?!? Since when is this her business to be telling?

I call Maina (even though Rachel asked me not to tell her I knew. I'm sorry, I'm not that good of an actress) and she just says "Go ahead. Yell at me". I really, really, REALLY wanted to, but I just say "No, I want to hear your side of the story". She goes on and says that she was really worried about us so she told her parents because they were the only people there to talk to (Hello? CALL THE PEOPLE WHO YOU'RE WORRIED ABOUT!). She says that they aren't going to look down on us or tell our parents or anything, but I really can't believe that.

A little later my mom called from the Super Bowl party and asked me what was going on. I told her I was in a fight with Maina, and when she asked what was wrong I told her the whole thing. She actually said that she was "glad that we had gotten drunk at home, instead of when we were going out or when we would be in any real danger". I love that my mom is so open about these things. Instead of being angry at me, she was calling Maina a bitch for telling her parents. I know for a fact that my mom won't do anything, because I tell her everything. Also, they didn't even punish my brother when they found out he smoked pot (probably because she still does, too).

Suddenly, a little fun turns into this HUGE deal involving all of these people that have no part in it. What do you think? Would YOU forgive Maina? Grrr I just can't event lak to her right now.
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I think that's rediculous. I don't even know Sam, but him being disapointed in you guys is really dumb. It's not like you guys really did much, I mean your in highschool, just going to have fun, no biggie.

And I really can't beleive Maina would tell her parents.

It's really not their business to go telling people about that anyway. I really can't beleive having a few drinks could result in this much chaos and drama. It's not like you guys are going to hell for what you did. And plus everyone has the urge to do thinks like that, and it's good to get it out of your system.

Good luck with everything, and everybody. I'm glad you have a cool mom.